01. The festival was originally canceled about five years ago, but has been [revived] this summer, and seems to be doing well.
02. The patient had a heart attack, and couldn't be [revived].
03. The [revival] of peace talks has brought new hope for a settlement in the conflict, which has been going on in the region for over 8 months now.
04. The government of British Columbia has [revived] plans to look at the possibility of building a bridge between Vancouver Island and the mainland.
05. The governor has promised to cut taxes in an attempt to [revive] the ailing economy.
06. Appearing at the trial [revived] terrible memories of the attack in the mind of the victim.
07. The player was knocked unconscious and couldn't be [revived] for almost 20 minutes.
08. The government is hoping these tax cuts will help to [revive] the manufacturing industry in this area.
09. This latest win has [revived] the team's play-off hopes.
10. Attempts to [revive] talks with the union have failed, and a strike seems inevitable.
11. She fainted in the hot sun, and was [revived] after having a cold, wet cloth put on her forehead.
12. Sophocles once said that to [revive] sorrow is cruel.
13. Mike's willingness to see a marriage counselor [revived] Suzie's hopes that their marriage could be saved.
14. The current [revival] of disco music has brought many old stars back into the entertainment business.
15. Government efforts to [revive] economic growth in Japan in the late 1990s have met with little success.
16. From 1000 to 1100, there was a [revival] of economic life throughout most of western Europe.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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